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Powernice Team Has a Blast at Fantawild Theme Park for a Day


The Powernice team went on a day trip to the Fantawild Theme Park in Ningbo, enjoying a day of thrills and entertainment.

In this futuristic and technology-oriented theme park, the Powernice team members tried various thrilling roller coasters and interactive games, feeling the high-speed spin and quick flight from every direction. Through close collaboration and passionate effort, each member fully challenged their limits and gained unforgettable memories.

This event also strengthened the relationships between team members. The joy brought by group cooperation games and interactions not only enhanced everyone's team awareness and collaboration ability, but also strengthened their friendships and trust in each other.

"I had a great time today. On the roller coaster, I finally overcame my fear of heights, which has been my wish for a long time. I'm so happy!" said a member of the Powernice team.

This visit to Fantawild Theme Park became an important event for the Powernice team to break the ice and enhance team cohesion. Team members believe that such activities should be held regularly to better stimulate team members' enthusiasm and collaboration.