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Powernice solar linear actuator will redefine the solar industry


Powernice, a leading provider of intelligent control systems, has announced the launch of its solar linear actuator, a product that will help the solar industry achieve more efficient and sustainable development.

The solar linear actuator can be used to control the tilt angle of solar photovoltaic panels, and provide the energy required for its automatic control. 

Compared to traditional mechanical actuators, the solar linear actuator achieves higher efficiency and lower energy consumption, and uses solar energy as its energy source, making it a truly green solution.

In addition, the solar linear actuator is equipped with Powernice's intelligent control system, which enables remote monitoring and centralized control, making it more convenient and efficient for solar photovoltaic panel layout and maintenance.

Powernice solar linear actuator will become an important part of the solar industry, promoting the industry towards a more sustainable and efficient direction.