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Powernice is assisting the construction of tracking photovoltaic demonstration projects in Chile


As clean solar energy is popular around the world, the use of photovoltaic tracking technology in solar power plants can effectively increase the power generation of the power station. Tracking photovoltaic solutions are increasingly favored by major project owners and EPCs, and have become the first choice for power station construction.  Recently, the tracking photovoltaic demonstration project in Chile, where Powernice provides all intelligent linear actuators, is under construction.

Graph: Chile project construction site  

Powernice is a leading intelligent manufacturer of high-precision intelligent linear actuators in China. It has been focusing on linear tracking solutions for 14 years --- Powernice linear tracking solutions have simpler structures, higher installation efficiency, and more strong power generation capacity, safer and more reliable performance, has been recognized by the global market.

Graph: Chile project construction site  

The Chilean project uses PA11, PA13, PA14 and PA15 mechanical linkage products, which have outstanding technical advantages:  

Maximum load 51000N  

Dynamic load 20800N 


Working temperature -40℃~+65℃ 


Intelligent core algorithm  

Efficient and stable communication  

Extreme weather protection  

Increase the power generation of the power station by 15%-25%

Graph: Chile project construction site    

The excellent performance of Powernice intelligent linear actuator in the return on investment of tracking photovoltaic projects is one of the key reasons why it is favored by the market.    

In addition, every intelligent linear actuator of Powernice has undergone rigorous quality testing before leaving the factory, and can stand the test of practice.    In projects that have been put into operation, Powernice intelligent linear actuators can overcome extreme natural weather such as strong winds, thunderstorms, sand and dust, snowfall and snowfall, and give the tracking system more stable and reliable performance, ensuring the safety and stability of the power station run.    

In the future, Powernice will continue to seize market opportunities, provide better quality, more reliable, and more cost-effective smart tracking products for the solar market at home and abroad, and help the photovoltaic tracking market to develop better and better!