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A good start to 2023! Powernice intelligent tracking once again helps the construction of PV power plants in Colombia!

A few days ago, the PV project of intelligent linear actuators independently developed and produced by Powernice is under construction in Colombia, and the project is going smoothly.

With high-quality products and services, Powernice has provided more and more intelligent linear actuator products for the construction of PV power plants in Colombia, and has become an important player in the field of new energy in Colombia.

The Columbia project is a typical agricultural-light hybrid PV power station located in a beautiful farm using intelligent linear actuator solutions. The project site is endowed with unique PV resources, flat and open terrain, rich in water, soil and light resources.

PV power generation and agricultural production collide again in this hot land, the land of Colombia this spring. The brilliant spark of smart PV is ignited again.

Focus on intelligent linear tracking solutions for 15 years. Powernice pursues a simpler structure, higher installation efficiency, stronger power generation capacity, and safer and more reliable performance. Powernice intelligent linear tracking adopts an intelligent core algorithm to intelligently adjust the angle and height of components according to the lighting environment and geographical location. The communication is safe, efficient and stable, and the extreme weather warning and protection can effectively increase the power generation of PV power plants by 15%-25%.

As the core component of the tracking bracket system, the Powernice intelligent linear tracker has strong advantages in many key aspects such as reliability and stability, construction cost, and project return on investment. The power station is safe and running smoothly.

New year with new hopes, new opportunities, and new challenges. In 2023, Powernice will not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, seize market opportunities, and provide better, more reliable, and more cost-effective smart tracking for the PV tracking market at home and abroad. Products, help the PV tracking market to develop better and faster!