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Powernice was invited to attend the "enter BYD headquarters" activity of Shenzhen Industry Promotion Association and deliver a speech!

2022-06-20 Author:POWERNICE Source:POWERNICE
Powernice Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Powernice") was invited to attend the "SAPIP·Intelligent Entrepreneurship·The Eighth Phase - Entering the BYD Headquarters" event, and firstly visited the BYD Group exhibition hall with the participants. Fully understand BYD's four major industries (automobiles, rail transit, new energy, electronics), green transportation solutions, and BYD's advanced technological achievements in the fields of solar energy, blade batteries, DMi super hybrids, semiconductors, and automotive electronics.

Visit BYD Group Showroom

In the discussion session of the event, Xiao Haiping, director of BYD's strategic support department, introduced the growth of new energy vehicles in the market in recent years and the future strategic development prospects of the industry. Xie Wen, director of the general manager's office of BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. , industry, communications and other fields of application, Lin Xuelan, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Industry Promotion Association, thanked BYD for its strong support for this event.

Delegates speak

Zhang Ye, general manager of Powernice Global Marketing Center, expressed his admiration at the meeting for BYD's contribution to the new energy industry and its implementation of the concept of "technology is king, innovation is the foundation", and pointed out: "At present, Under the guidance of the national carbon peak carbon neutrality "dual carbon" goal, the new energy automobile industry is accelerating the pace of marketization, accelerating the technological progress of the entire industry chain, energy conservation and emission reduction, and contributing to the realization of the "dual carbon" goal. The national semiconductor business and new energy business are getting better and better."

Symposium scene

Powernice is a member of Shenzhen Industry Promotion Association. Since 2002, it has introduced the world's most advanced electromechanical technology to develop intelligent linear actuators. Powernice was officially established in 2018, the company headquarters will be moved to Ningbo in 2021, the A round of financing will be completed in May 2021, and the B round of financing will be completed in December 2021, with an annual output value of 150 million yuan in 2021, industrial-grade high-precision linear actuators China leads the field.

Industrial-grade high-precision linear actuators can be widely used in photovoltaic power generation, photothermal power generation, intelligent equipment, new energy vehicles, robots and other new energy and technology fields. As a part of the new energy field, Powernice will work with partners from all walks of life to thoroughly implement the concept of energy saving and low carbon, and use technological innovation to help my country achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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