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Fenghua district finance office came to Powernice to guide the listing work!


On May 18, 2022, Fenghua District Financial Office Director Wu Fenglun, Fenghua District Financial Office Deputy Director Zhang Zhixiong, Fenghua District Financial Office Capital Market Section Chief Wang Hong joined Fenghua District Financial Consultant and Ningbo Changyuan Consulting Founder Zhou Kai to visit Powernice Ningbo Headquarters, understand the business situation and capital market planning of Powernice in detail, and actually guide the listing of Powernice!   

Introduction to Powernice 

 ● Powernice Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service of industrial-grade high-precision intelligent linear actuators. In 2002, several young people introduced the world's most advanced electromechanical technology and began to develop intelligent electric actuator products. Powernice was officially established in 2018, the company headquarters will be moved to Ningbo in 2021, the A round of financing will be completed in May 2021, the B round of financing will be completed in December 2021, and it will be officially listed on the innovation board of Ningbo Equity Exchange Center in March 2022. China leads the field of high-precision linear actuators. 

Guidance from the District Financial Office

  ● Today, the Financial Office of Fenghua District came to Powernice Ningbo headquarters to guide the work. Yang Yong, the general manager of Powernice, led the company team to welcome the visit and guidance of the working group of the Financial Office, and introduced the development history and main business of Powernice. Business, business layout, product working principle and core technology, production and operation, etc. Director Wu of the Financial Office of Fenghua District introduced to the Powernice team the work of the financial office to assist enterprises in bailout services, learn more about Powernice' production and operation status, the progress of capital market work and the challenges it faces, and focus on guiding Powernice to connect with the capital market The problems faced in the process helped Pavales to further clarify his thinking and move towards a further and higher stage of the capital market.   

Powernice planning  

● 2022 is an important and crucial year for Pavalez's capital market planning. Powernice will work hard to practice "internal skills", firmly grasp the window of policy opportunities, run out of the "acceleration" of development, and accelerate the improvement of technology and industrial competitiveness , to achieve the main goal of economic and social development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period as the development goal, to contribute to the writing of the Fenghua chapter of a modern coastal metropolis, to contribute to the 2030 carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, and to move towards a higher and broader Capital market stage!