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What is a solar linear tracker?


What is a solar linear tracker? 

The solar linear tracker is composed of a motor, a gear set, an outer cover, an outer tube seat, an outer tube and an inner tube group, and electronic components. The motor and the outer tube seat are installed on the outer cover, and the gear group is installed inside the outer cover. The outer tube is installed in the outer tube seat. The inner tube group is placed in the inner tube. The motor drives the inner tube group through the gear group to make the push rod of the inner tube group expand and contract. It also includes a protective sleeve, which is installed outside. Inside the cover, cooperate with the outer cover to surround the gear set. Due to different power motors, different reduction ratios, different screw pitches, etc., it can be combined into a variety of linear trackers. 

The thrust range is from 15000N to 80,000N, and the static load is from 50,000N to 200,000N. 

This range can be adapted to various brackets, including different heights, lengths, arrangements, etc. 

At the same time, it has the advantages of more energy-saving, more reliable, maintenance-free, long life and so on. 

It can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency.