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Powernice Upgraded to Vice Chairman Unit of "Tracking Alliance," Boosting Global Photovoltaic Technology Innovation and Industry Development!


Recently, Ningbo Powernice Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. received an honor as it successfully upgraded to the position of Vice Chairman Unit of the China Solar Tracking System Alliance (CSTSA) according to the relevant provisions of the "China Solar Photovoltaic Tracking System Alliance Charter" after review and meeting the adjustment conditions.

About the China Solar Tracking System Alliance

The China Solar Tracking System Alliance (referred to as "Tracking Alliance" in Chinese and abbreviated as "CSTSA" in English) was established in October 2019, composed of enterprises engaged in the solar photovoltaic tracking system industry chain. The alliance aims to build a platform for technical cooperation and international exchange in the field of photovoltaic tracking systems in China, serving as a bridge and link between the government, industry, and academia to contribute to the technological innovation and steady development of the photovoltaic tracking system industry in China.

Boosting Global Photovoltaic Technology Innovation and Industry Development

Powernice has officially upgraded to the position of Vice Chairman Unit. This achievement not only recognizes the company's past efforts but also acknowledges Powernice's continuous pursuit of excellence in the field of solar energy.

Powernice is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, design, production, sales, and service of industrial-grade high-precision intelligent electric linear actuators and dampers. The company's products are widely used in various fields, including photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation, medical equipment, intelligent equipment, new energy logistics vehicles, and robotics.

Product Development and Services

Powernice has comprehensive research and development, testing, and production facilities, offering customized solutions and driving innovation in photovoltaic tracking system technology with strong iterative capabilities, primarily serving top-tier clients.

Scale and Global Presence

With a total area of 30,000 square meters, Powernice has established a global sales center in Shenzhen Economic Special Zone, an overseas factory in Vietnam, a subsidiary in Las Vegas, USA, and an office in Italy.

Leading the Photovoltaic Industry, Creating a Better Future

Powernice will continue to challenge itself, expand product applications, provide customers with more advanced and intelligent products and solutions, and offer high-quality services to global photovoltaic clients.

Innovative and Excellent Product Design

With an excellent research and development team and advanced technological facilities, Powernice is committed to providing innovative and excellent product design in the field of photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation. The company's products are widely recognized globally, with many renowned tracking support enterprises choosing Powernice's products.

Global Project Participation and Completion

Powernice products have successfully landed in over 25 countries worldwide, participating in and completing hundreds of projects with a total installed capacity exceeding 16.5GW. This not only demonstrates Powernice's strength in the field but also earns the company a reputable position in the international market.

Strong Product Strategy Competitiveness

Leveraging the advantages of the supply chain and product design, Powernice has successfully created more competitive products, attracting a greater number of customers and further consolidating its leading position in the field of photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation.

In the future, Powernice will continue to focus on product research and innovation, continuously improve its technological capabilities, lead the development direction of the photovoltaic industry, promote technological innovation, and contribute more to the sustainable development of the global photovoltaic industry.