Rooftop Power Station

Upgrade of Rooftop PV Solutions for Industrial Parks - Automatic Tracking Cases

Fenghua Binhai Development Zone-Income Analysis Table of Power Generation Projects in Micro and Small Industrial Park

Installed Power GenerationCapacity(KW)


Power Generation Capacity Without Automatic Tracking(KW·h)


Power Generation Capacity With Automatic Tracking (KW·h)


20-Year Power Generation Capacity Revenue Without Automatic Tracking(KW·h)


20-Year Power Generation Capacity Revenue With Automatic Tracking(KW·h)


Remarks: Affected by the geographical location, Ningbo has more rainy weather and annual sunshine time of 1200h, which is one of the places with the lowest power generation efficiency in China. Even here, 18% of the power generation can be increased. Assuming that in areas with less rainy weather such as Qinghai and Tibet, the power generation will increase even more.